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Introducing Dakota AgSynergy LLC: A New Era in Grain Marketing


Welcome to the inaugural post of Dakota AgSynergy’s blog! We’re excited to share our journey, insights, and the unique approach we bring to grain marketing and agricultural supply chains. Dakota AgSynergy, founded in 2016, is more than just a company—it’s a vision realized by two sets of brothers, Justin and Jon Purintun, along with Brandon and Cody Sehn. Rooted in the rich soil of North Dakota’s farms, our mission is to revolutionize how grain marketing works for the American farmer.

Our Roots and Expertise

As natives who grew up on family farms in Hazelton and Linton, ND, we understand the challenges and opportunities that define American agriculture. Our background gives us a unique perspective on both farming and market dynamics, enabling us to bridge the gap between local farmers and global markets effectively.

What We Do

At Dakota AgSynergy, we specialize in handling pulse crops like peas, lentils, chickpeas, and edible beans, as well as North Dakota’s agricultural staples such as sunflowers, flax, canola, barley, and durum just to name a few. Our role is multifaceted: we replace the traditional roles of grain elevators, brokers, packers, and freight forwarders, offering a one-stop solution for farmers. This approach allows us to streamline the process from farm to market, focusing on efficiency, quality control, and optimal pricing.

Building Trust and Simplifying Logistics

Our philosophy is built on trust and transparency. We believe in creating a transparent relationship with farms, allowing them to directly reach end-users and seize market opportunities. By handling the complexities of logistics, packaging, and quality control, we empower farmers to focus on what they do best—farming.

Our Commitment

We’re committed to supporting the local economy and providing value through our work. Our understanding of the industry, combined with our hands-on approach, allows us to be a reliable partner for both farmers and supply chain customers.

For more information about Dakota AgSynergy, visit our website or learn more about our profile on the North Dakota Trade Office here.

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