Dakota AgSynergy LLC is a physical grain trading company based in south central North Dakota. We procure grain from producers all across the Dakotas, and ship product to domestic and international destinations. We provide farms the ability to efficiently capture value in the marketplace, while providing end-users with a wide array of grain origins. Our goal is to create a synergistic effect for American agriculture, on a global frontier.

“Dakota AgSynergy’s On-Farm Freight process was incredibly smooth!  Working with them allowed us to eliminate time spent hauling to the elevator, so we were able to complete our sunflower harvest much faster.  I would highly recommend Dakota AgSynergy”

– Daniel W.

“I enjoy working with Dakota AgSynergy because it gives me more control over the selling process. I like having the option of offering them a price, instead of simply accepting the existing market price.”

– Tyson B

“Working with Dakota AgSynergy got me the best price, and I didn’t have to spend my time hauling grain. It worked out great for me!”

-Trevor L.